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I have to apologize for simply not feeling up to the LJ job lately. I felt a bit uninspired every time I pulled up the "post" page. But I'm back for the attack... feeling good about this one. Let's discuss a few different things today!

The past week of tour has been absolutely nuts. So many photo shoots, interviews... not to mention the video shoot yesterday. We are so worn out and I seriously feel like a zombie. A real life zombie. This morning (or afternoon) I woke up. Dressed myself. Walked to catering and ate something I can't even remember. Then I walked straight back to the bus and I'm already completely winded. We need a day off! Soon enough. Either way, the hard work is worth it and we're just getting into the groove of making sure the world knows we got a record coming out. (September 29th seems so far away).

Besides all of that. This tour is not far from being over. I'm officially a No Doubter now and stoked that for the rest of my life I'll be able to say that Paramore toured with one of the biggest bands of our generation. I can't believe it. We've been treated super well and made a lot of new friends. Not to mention gained a heck of a lot of fans. The meet and greets have been so much fun... and the shows are all insane. Every one of them feels huge (probably because they are). But really, for the first time ever, I get kind of emotional when I hear the crowds screaming and cheering for us as we go through our set. We've made it to this point and if it all ended tomorrow I'd barely believe that it even happened. Feels like one of those dreams you never ever want to wake up from. Our tour this fall should rule too. We can't wait to be up close and personal with you guys. Have the dates even been released yet? Let's get this thing going!

Speaking of No Doubt... I really thought that we'd been getting less comparisons to them than normal... until this whole "Paramore Or Less" article came out. What a waste of paper and ink. Or hard drive space. Whichever. Guys, Paramore isn't going anywhere. Just because I do some random thing for a movie doesn't mean that I'm getting ready to hire some chicas to come dance behind me and start chanting "this shhh is bananas". So, I don't wanna see you guys worrying your heads about this... even though the media might want you to. It's a story that sells, I'm sure. But YOU don't be the ones to buy it.

okay. jeremy just farted. and i'm going to die. it's so bad. time for phoners and to get this day really started. at 4:30pm... how sad. LOVE YOU GUYS. talk soon!

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