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Aint it done? [13 Oct 2013|11:09am]
Hey everybody, it's Hayley. Back again and I wanted to fill you guys in on something that we've been getting a lot of questions about...

We posted a picture a few months ago from behind the scenes of a video we shot for our song, "Ain't It Fun" ... Turns out, the process of making and completing this video has been well, not fun. ZING! To keep things short and BS free, we were not happy with where this video was headed and ultimately, made the decision to pull it.

Not to worry, though! We have since shot another video... for a song called "Daydreaming", which we're releasing as a single for our friends across the pond. Of course, we are planning on shooting another video for "Ain't It Fun" as soon as we get a chance. When we figure out all the details for that, we'll tell you!

So sorry we kept you guys hanging for so long. Thanks for all the excitement and for all the patience, it hasn't gone unnoticed. No one is more anxious than us to have the right music video for "Ain't It Fun". It's one of our favorite Paramore songs to date and when the time comes, it's going to have a video worthy of that sentiment.

Love each and every one of you. See you at the show :)

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talkin bout practice not a game not a game [20 Aug 2013|10:07pm]
hey yall

band practice for the upcoming EU/UK tour starts tomorrow! very. exciting. stuff. honestly, i'm just a tad bit nervous. it feels like a big sort of tour. the kind that we really have to put a lot of muscle and elbow grease and, of course, luuuuv into. with us, everything always comes together last minute. and i do mean everything. for some reason i can never seem to remember that though and i freak out like a crazy person with some serious anxiety issues. anyway, now that we're really all going to get in there and start rehearsals, everything will fall into place. on the one hand, you have to work at it to make that happen... and on the other hand, well... you've got to let it happen.

so, i'm pretty sure most of you have heard about Miles, who's been playing drums with us on the past few tours. Miles got into a crazy golf cart accident (i know, it sounds a little nuts but it's for real). he really f-d up just about one whole side of his body. mostly his face and shoulder, it seems like. poor dude is such a trooper. today, when i swung by the place we're going to be rehearsing, he was there and i was pretty surprised at his attitude in spite of how torn up he looked. torn up is a lot different than turnt up, by the way. not at all a good thing! we are not positive that he'll be on this next tour with us but we are going to figure it all out one way or another and the show will go on! we're just so damn thankful that Miles is alright and not only is he getting all the right care but he's also in as good of spirits as i can possibly imagine one being in his situation. feel free to send him some extra love if you're surfing the web with nothing to do - his twitter handle is @mileskmcpherson.

in the meantime, from now 'til the start of our tour, there is so much to do. first things first, we have a million interviews and promotional stuff we're working on for all these upcoming shows. lots of basic rehearsals. i've got a million merch emails to sort through, which is, for the most part, one of my favorite jobs to have. then the three of us really have to dig in to finish the show, production and set list and everything. the most obnoxious thing i have to do is to figure out exactly what i want to wear for the shows. this may seem like it would be a simple task for a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal but ohhhh no. it's the hardest thing EVERY TIME! i don't really enjoy the process of packing a separate stage uniform but it's just becoming necessary. now that i'm getting older, i have this fantasy of having this great stage outfit that looks sick in pictures but feels as comfy as my regular day time clothes. the truth is, no outfit of that sort exists. slight growing pains. what's more important to me? living out my freddie mercury dreams, blazing the stage and feeling awesome... or just the simple joy of being comfortable? when i really think down to the core of my issue, it all just has to do with the fact that i'm growing up. my tastes are way different than they were. but you know what? i'm a lot older than i was when i started getting up onstage, wearing the t-shirt i slept in the night before and one of the only two pair of jeans thrown into my suitcase 5 minutes before walking out the door to get in the van. i want a little more... i EXPECT a little more of myself. it doesn't even feel like a burden so much as growing pains. growing pains are a good thing because... duh. you're growing. alright, so expect a sequined purple unitard with bright red legs and a tiara. shit's getting real. paramore 3.0!!!! taylor and jeremy are glittering their beards!

when i was a kid, my dad would take me to ultimate fun world every other sunday and we'd ride go-karts and play arcade games. around the time i was 9, i started to get the worrrrst growing pains in my ankles and around the lower parts of my legs. it sounds funny but pushing on the gas pedal of the go-kart and driving around seemed to ease the discomfort cause i'd be stretching my leg out and putting pressure on my foot while stepping on the gas pedal so hard it hit the floor board. we'd drive all day. i'd race every kid on the track and sometimes dad would ride with me and other times we'd even race each other. by the time we were done, i'd be laughing so hard and smiling so big that the pains in my leg were hardly noticeable and for some reason to this day i think about all that.

the weirdest part of this whole entry is that all i came here to say is this... we are incredibly excited about the next few months of life, paramore, music, everything. i, personally, have this feeling that even though we want to put on the biggest shows we've ever put on, they will still feel incredibly intimate to us and hopefully to you too. that energy is what i live for and as much as i go back and think on all the incredible memories we made at tiny hole-in-the-wall places with a few hundred people... the way it feels to know that we've really grown and come all this way with you is completely and stupidly overwhelming in the best way possible. thanks for all of it. remember this, as much as we are pressing the pedal to the metal, you are driving this freaking go-kart. you are the reason we've gotten where we are. let's make more ridiculous memories. see you soon, over there!


(i don't proofread since having earned my diploma in 2006, so i'm sorry for all the errors, misspells, and mistakes) 
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private jet to southwest [05 Aug 2013|09:10am]
whatttttt a riiiiide this last month has been. first of all, i'd just like to say that i'm updating our livejournal after having read through every single livejournal post that we've ever made from the very beginning. it was all incredibly inspiring for me, for some reason. i am the most tragically nostalgic person i know. and i love it. so anyway, it's nice to be back here giving a little update on things.
we are on a flight home right now. i still can't get over wifi in an airplane. we almost didn't make this flight because, after making it to florida on our big pimpin' private jet (nicknamed "chicken sandwich" - don't ask) , we got to the next airport and the two men checking us in were having a pretty difficult time just doing the simple tasks like, counting our baggage, collecting our ID's... you know, things like that. it was like being on episode of Come Fly With Me. (Please check this show out if you haven't already... it's the same guys from Little Britain). Anyway, they kept us at the check-in counter for... oh, I'd say about half an hour. At some point we just had to laugh. Then miraculously, we found ourselves at the gate and boarding our flight with about 5 minutes left til take-off. None of it really matters though because we are almost home!
Mexico and South America were both wonderful. The weather was way way colder than I thought it'd be. I basically wore the same outfit the entire trip because everything else I'd packed looked like I was headed for some type of summer beach getaway. I was so excited to actually try and look nice on this tour, too! My flannel shirt and leather jacket just smell like a month on the road. I feel so bad for all these people on the plane. Most of which have come up to us and told us they're Paramore fans! It's a warm welcome back to the states but man, I'm pretty embarrassed to look like this much of a scrub in all the photos we've taken with folks on the flight.
The coolest part is the variety of people who seem to be getting into our music now since we've put out the new record. Very exciting.

Well, this nearly pointless post is getting cut short because apparently we're descending into Nashville. YEAH!! Can't wait to see the family. Eat at all my favorite places. Relax.
Thanks so much to all the people who came out to our shows over the last month. Your passion is overwhelming and incredibly humbling. We had a blast!

Alright, I really better be going now. Ps, everyone, Teen Choice Awards this week. I may pee my pants. Or skirt. Or whatever I decide to wear.
Thanks again everyone for all your support as of late. It's insane to have a song doing well on the radio and to have all these fun opportunities and tours coming up. We'll see you guys really soon!


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what's cooler than being cool? [23 Jun 2013|04:52pm]
..... being yourself. That's what.

I was just thinking the other day... Looking at random blogs, fashion sites, online zines... and I got sad. Mostly because I feel like a lot of the different subcultures that exist today, exist because at some point there was someone who felt like they didn't fit in. (Stay with me.)They had a movement of their own to live for. So they did and maybe at some later point, it caught on or somebody else felt like they could fight for those same things. Maybe it wasn't even a "fight", maybe it was just a way of living. Marching to the beat of their own drum. My Granny always told my sisters and I from a very young age... "You girls just march to a different beat". I didn't really get it back then and honestly, I'm glad I didn't because when I was that young I didn't see the point in pointing out people's differences. It was just a way of living. Still is, I suppose. Or at least, I hope.

I do get it though and I see it in other people now... mostly young people. My sisters, for sure. But in a lot of our fans, as well. Again, mostly in the younger ones. Cause when we're just young enough, we're not yet jaded or bothered by what's "cool". We're not quite as worried about fitting into some of society's little cliques or sub-genres of human beings. So, we just do whatever comes naturally to us. Funny how there's an entire part of our culture completely obsessed with youth and beauty - yet we forget the most essential ingredient to youthfulness is that clean slate, non-judgemental, wide-eyed curiosity. You can't be sold any of that.

Anyway, I got sad because within these subcultures and an entirely new breed of "too-cool kids"... there are likely some people who, at some point, didn't fit in, weren't "normal", and probably needed somewhere to go to feel like they could fully express themselves. I see it everywhere. These are the nerds from junior high that got bullied everyday but then ended up in a band and now they've turned their old loser status into a trophy of pretentiousness to beat everyone over the head with. The guys and girls who wouldn't be caught dead in a regular old mall where they once probably got made fun of for what they were wearing... but are now wearing unique and fun brands like UNIF or Lazy Oaf (which, to be extra clear, I love) and calling everyone else "basic". I'm just saying, why doesn't the cycle end with the people who should've learned their lesson? Why aren't the once regarded weirdos and freaks raising up a new generation of people who are more self-assured in their individuality? Why does it seem like some of the strange ones found their bit of success and now look down on anyone else who doesn't look, think, or have the way they do? It's like seniors who constantly give sophomores a hard time as if they weren't just sophomores themselves like 3 years ago. I was not the most popular person in school. And even when I did have friends I still felt a bit like a weirdo. I'm not threatened by that... It's something that I hope to encourage other people with. That's a huge part of the message behind Paramore. To lift up the people who feel ashamed that they're different. To tell them that that's probably the coolest part about them.

At this very moment, at 24 years old, sitting here in sweats and looking/feeling utterly disastrous (hey, i got my rights)... I have to say, I'm really proud that as a kid I never felt like I fit in with the popular crowd. And as an adult, I don't feel like I fit in with the self-righteously uncool crowd either. Honestly, it's nice to be on a real quest to just be me everyday. No matter what. It doesn't matter if I'm in Silverlake, CA - land of the upturned noses - or back home in Nashville. Doesn't matter if we're on a red carpet. I guess I just couldn't care less. I'm not saying it's always easy but it's always worth it to stay true to you.

If anything, this could be a Back To The Future type of warning, to anybody who cares enough about this post, that high school ends but it never actually ends. There will still be people around who try to point at you and laugh. Who think you're not on some tip like they are. Who feel like their job, their shoes, their money, their boyfriend or girlfriend, their lifestyle ... is on some level that you haven't even ever heard of. The truth is that no one else could live your life. Nobody else - man or woman - could wake up and put on your shoes in the morning. Nobody else could pull it off. So own that. Cool is a lie. Cool doesn't matter and it never did. Merely perception.

In conclusion, you are your own torch carrier. Don't let anybody steal your light. Wear what you want. Think how you want. Challenge normal. And yes, even challenge what's "cool".

In total conclusion... We're really excited to be posting the video for "Anklebiters" in a couple of days. This is not an official single release, this is just a video we wanted to have done because of what the song has come to mean for our band. Thanks to all the people who came up on stage with us over the last tour and a half and sang it with us. This song is our way of contributing to the art of self-love and self-acceptance, no matter the odds.

We love you guys and we love you most when you're being yourself.

xxxxx h
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[06 May 2013|03:18pm]
Hey everybody,

First of all... Salt Lake City, I am so sorry that we had to cancel our show. There aren't many things I regret more than letting our fans down. Canceling shows is a big deal to all of us and I tried so hard just to push through them but unfortunately that wasn't the smartest idea for my health. Canceling was the last resort and again I'm sorry it came down to that.

Maybe I can just quickly try explain what's going on, so you hear it straight from me. This started last week when we were meant to play Conan... And I woke up feeling really sick. I thought it was just a sore throat but didn't want to risk not being well for our own shows, so we cancelled. I stayed in and got some food and of course, caught food poisoning from it... Because, why not? Not to get all graphic on you but it was a lot like that scene in The Exorcist where she projectile pukes green and it's really violent. That ended up burning my throat which made it sore all over again. Then to make matters worse I woke up a couple of days later having gotten some sort of virus, which is what I'm still dealing with now.

And there you have it. Clearly, it has not been my week. I wish that my being sick didn't affect so many people and again, I am terribly sorry to everyone who I have let down by not being able to perform tonight.

Thanks to everyone who's sent me a get well soon message or any kind of support over the last week. So thankful that music has connected us.

See you all soon.
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perspective [24 Mar 2013|05:38pm]
This will be the last of the lyric posts until the album comes! There's going to be a lot of exciting stuff happening this week so I promise that the time will fly by! Thanks for coming here to read the tiniest preview of some of the songs off our album. The guys and I are all but bursting at the seams with pride and excitement for this record to come out. Thank God.

It's hard to believe that almost a year ago, exactly, we moved out to LA to finish writing/start recording our Self Titled album. The few months before that were a weird time for me, personally. I was battling the present and just constantly trying to figure out how to get to whatever was going to be next. It's funny how life goes cause then you start to look back at a time that felt really difficult and realize it was one of the most beautiful times in your whole life. The last two years were strange and hard and I learned a lot... but it was easily one of the most amazing, most peaceful times of my life. When I talk to people about it, I refer to last Spring/Summer as a "golden moment" that sparked so much growth and necessary healing. Funny I didn't recognize how perfect it actually was when I was living it. We all need a little perspective sometimes. To stand back and really get what we're right in the middle of.

Last January, I sat up in bed one morning and sang out the chorus to a song that, for pretty obvious reasons, we called "Daydreaming". I've never been the kind of writer to do that. There are like a billion episodes of Behind The Music where the artist talks about writing a song in their sleep... waking up and putting it down on paper before they go back to bed... or some of them just get right up and get to work finishing it. That's just never been me, though I always wished it was. This particular morning, however, I woke up and from somewhere deep in my head or heart or wherever songs come from... it just came out like word vomit. Later that day I went to Taylor's and showed him. Eventually the song kind of finished itself.

Looking back on the months before we moved to California, I was having the worst time just getting through my daily life. I didn't want to see anyone I knew in Nashville. I felt lonely and sad and a little hurt. For whatever reason I just felt like there was more out there for me but it wasn't wherever I was. Not "more" as in success, or any type of worldly gain... but I just felt like my heart should be happier. I was constantly dreaming up a brighter life in my head. Trying to figure out what to do to get there. When we moved to LA, even the physical act of getting away wasn't really helping. At that point, I felt completely lost. If I was this far away from my problems and I still felt alone and down... then where could I go to feel any less alone? It took a few weeks. It took getting up every morning and just deciding I was right where I needed to be. It took singing "Daydreaming" out loud in front of a mic in the studio and turning it into a reality. Now I look back at that season of my life with such a deep nostalgia. Growing pains sometimes hurt like heartache. In the moments that you feel change happening and you feel your heart, mind, body and soul resisting it with all your might, try not resisting for only a moment. Go with it, even! It's like that quote I've always loved by Anias Nin... "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom". Don't miss a chance to move forward. Daydream a little. Don't be scared to embrace the way that it hurts just to grow. You'll look back and your heart will thank you for not standing still when what you needed the most was to move forward.

"Living in a city of sleepless people
Who all know the limits and won't go too far outside the lines
Cause they're' out of their minds.
I wanna get out and build my own home
On a street where reality is not much different from dreams I've had
A dream is all I have...

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Creep past the hours like the shorter hand on the clock
hanging on a wall of a schoolhouse somewhere
We wait for the bell
And we dream of somewhere else

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Not that I won't remember where I'm from
Just don't wanna be here no more
It's not enough
(We're only half alive)
I'm gonna go
(We're only half alive)
Where the rest of the dreamers go

Where the dreamers go

Daydreaming all the time
Daydreaming into the night
And I'm alright

Daydreaming all the time
We used to be half alive
Now I'm alright"

Surprise! There's the whole song's worth...

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It's good to be in love. [13 Mar 2013|08:18pm]
"I should be over all the butterflies but I'm into you
And baby even on our worst nights... I'm into you
Let 'em wonder how we got this far
cause I don't really need to wonder at all
Yeah, after all this time...
I'm still into you."
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Hard decisions [08 Mar 2013|08:07pm]
It's so tough trying to pick what lyrics from what song to share with you guys next. I can't tell if it's more of a tease for you or for me. It might seem like a well though-out plan, all these "strategically" posted blog updates... but seriously... I'm sitting around in my sweatpants, a little bit bored (and thankful for it!), with a face mask on (God forbid my skin NOT freak out after all those plane rides!), trying to make the time between now and April 9th (4th album!) magically disappear. I'm thinking about doing jump rope for 20 minutes when I'm done with this post just to make myself feel like I was a little bit productive today. Needless to say, these blogs have served as a nice placeholder for me. They've quelled my anxiety, or at least kept it at bay. Look, I just really want you guys to hear the album!!

Here's the thing, life at home with all this comfort and time to spare is really not what I consider to be "normal life". For me, normal is a day sheet being shoved under a hotel room door with a detailed outline of how the following 24 hours is going to play out. Normal is waking up in a different bed, a different city, peeing in a toilet on a plane at an altitude of 30,000 ft in the sky... over all of you... think about that. Don't think about that. All I'm saying is, for the three of us, life is usually moving so fast that when we stop for a few moments it's like the worst case of whiplash you've ever experienced.

My first real dose of reality came when the guys and I were moving out the Los Angeles to make the album. I flew out a few weeks earlier just to feel some kind of movement and get my head in a new space. Then after getting exactly what I wanted, I spent the next few weeks throwing silent tantrums... just wishing for a little familiarity or comfort that reminded me of home. Isn't that how it always goes?! The grass is just always greener, I suppose. We're wanting summer when it's winter, winter when it's not... but sometimes what we really need is just to struggle and strain and feel the growing pains.

And somehow, through all this rambling, I've decided to share some lyrics from the new album that have to do with this very subject matter. "Ain't It Fun" has everything to do with accepting at some point in your life that the world is not your very own Truman Show. The people who walk passed you on the street aren't extras in your movie. This is the real world. This is where everyone's looking out for him or herself... and just trying to get through each day and say they did alright! To make it clear, this song is a letter to myself! We all need a kick in the ass sometimes. Since, I had no one around me to tell me to stop feeling sorry for myself, I had to figure out a way to do it on my own. If you haven't figured out how to do that quite yet then maybe you'll get the butt-kicking you need from "Ain't It Fun".

Ps, this is one of the songs that I'm most excited for everyone to hear Taylor and Jeremy's parts for. The music is completely nuts. So many parts and layers and melodies. For anyone who's every been interested in hearing mine and Jeremy's old funk covers band, this isn't too far off.

"So what are you gonna do when the world don't orbit around you?

Ain't it fun living in the real world?
Ain't it good being all alone?
Ain't it good to be on your own, ain't it fun you can't count on no one...
Ain't it fun?
Living in the real world."
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One show left.. [03 Mar 2013|11:22am]
Only one more show of our first ever tour of 2013. My neck hasn't felt this sore since we started touring in the beginnning of 2005... I keep telling everyone, "My body is resisting my will to rock!" Seriously though, the shows have been so fun that, at least for those 70 - 90 minutes up on stage, I don't even notice. I love being back at it again. Surely, my creaking 24 year old joints and muscles will all submit to me soon. Submit to the rock. Let's just not take another 2 years off, amiright?

Like I said in the last post, we have been doing some listening parties... playing 5 songs from the new album for around 20 fans. It's been nerve-wracking and thrilling and extremely rewarding. I'll never get over how amazing it feels to bare your soul in a song and then have someone listen and not only accept but fully embrace it. To be any kind of artist is a blessing.

The first song on the album is called "Fast In My Car". We played this one in the listening parties even I was nervous to show people the way that the album actually begins. It begins this way for a reason though. The last few years of our band-hood were a pretty crazy ride. There were some seriously dark valleys. Lows that felt impossible to escape... but we did! We got outta there! The problem, however, with having lived out those lows in front of the world is that there are a lot of people who would rather see us stay down there. You know folks like that, I'm sure. They don't want you to get back up and try again, especially if you're going to try something new. Quite honestly, in our case, journalists and writers seem to want a juicy story much more than to actually have to do homework and say something positive. And you can't always fault people for their curiosity. Our society perpetuates this... we are drawn to dilemma. I am just as much as anyone so I swear I'm not trying to point fingers! Anyway, Paramore have had our fair share of drama and we're ready for something different. We want the soap-opera to stay behind us! Thus, "Fast In My Car".

A lot of the reviewers who've heard this song go straight for the obvious when they hear some of the lines in the song. They ask me if it's about losing 2 band members and being pissed off about it and blah blah blah... and I just want to say, loudly and proudly, that this song is not about that. There aren't actually any full songs on the album about that. Certainly, I am always inspired by life and the things that my friends and I go through... So, there may be shades of those memories... but alls I'm sayin' is... Don't look too hard for something negative cause you'll always find it. (I should listen harder to this advice!)

This year, I hope that as a band we really live out "Fast In My Car". I want to just jump in a car, van, bus, plane, train, whatever... with my best friends... and take over the world. Armed to the teeth, ready for anything that comes our way but always with a new peace of mind that we've already won. There's so much out there for us to experience and to gain and I'm ready to not miss out on any of it this time.

Alright, even though my favorite parts of this song are the verses... I'm going to stick with my gut and just give you guys the chorus. Simple and straight to the point. Can't wait for you to hear the real thing!

"We're driving fast in my car
We've got our Riot gear on but we just want to have fun
No, we're not looking for violence...
Tonight we want to have fun"

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Why did I not pack my computer for this trip? [27 Feb 2013|12:50am]
I'm on an iPad mini. It's ridiculously difficult to type on this thing so you'll have to forgive me if this ends up being short or I misspell everything... I just wanted to share a lyric from a new song called "Part ll" with you guys since we've played it for a few people here in Sydney and the word is out! For years now, "Let The Flames Begin" has been a favorite of ours to play live, as well as being a favorite of most people who come out to our shows.... We wanted it to have a sequel. "Part ll" is it!

We played 5 songs for people tonight and although I'm not gonna share lyrics from all 5 just yet, I am gonna post a few lines like I said tonight. Aaand I'll post some lines from a couple others over the next week while we're still out here down under.

I chose to share these chorus lyrics first because there are a couple similar themes to "Now" throughout this one... I feel like we are still in the first chapter of a whole new story. And while a lot of this story involves redemption and having fought what seemed like an endless fight (within ourselves), it will only make coming out alive on the other end that much sweeter. There is so much brightness and joy to come from other songs on the rest of the album. I like the contrast that the shadows cast. It was all our dark moments, ones that inspired songs like "Part ll" and "Now", which actually made us more appreciative of the ease and happiness in our new found hope. So take heart if you're seemingly stuck under a rain cloud... You won't always have to fight so hard to stay dry. Relish this moment too... You might find some strength in that surrender. Or you might just do what we did and write a song.

(Tonight meant so much to us. Finally sharing some of this album with anybody outside the media was such a treat and quite honestly a huge relief! Thanks to those who won tickets for being so cool and for genuinely being excited about a fully renewed Paramore.)


"Dancing all alone
To the sound of an enemy's song
I'll be lost until you find me...
Fighting on my own
In a war that's already been won
I'll be lost until you come and find me here, oh glory."
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A shrivel of an update! I owe ya more later... [29 Jan 2013|02:51pm]
The last couple weeks have been so. intense. In the best way, though. We’ve been flying around everywhere telling everyone about the new album and honestly, it’s been such a relief. I’m just thankful we got here. Do you know what I’m talking about?

It’s been a few years. I don’t think I realized how long it’s actually been since we’ve put something new out there. Made ourselves 100% vulnerable again and handed the world another magnifying glass to look back into our lives. Intensity. But it’s about time! If there’s anything that I learned over the last couple of years it’s that there isn’t a doubt in my heart that this is what we are designed to do. Make music and connect to other people’s lives through whatever opportunities that music allows. It feels like we have a whole new chance. The 3 of us are so excited to take full advantage of this chance and all the possibilities that we’re given. So yeah, it’s already been intense but I’m down for whatever!

Our first real single in agggggesssss came out last week. If you don’t know about it… well, it’s called “Now”. I like it a lot. Seems like we were waiting for so long to get it out there and now that it is, we’re just itching to put the whole album out. There’s no way to tell you what our album is like in words… I can’t describe the sound because there are A LOT of sounds. And though we really hope you’ll go buy the single, “Now” alone won’t even really explain what the entire album is about or what it all sounds like. Guess you’re just going to have to come along for the ride! And if you’re willing… we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Rehearsals later this week and a whole lot more interviews/photoshoots/and all the ridiculousness that is just a means to get to the shows ;) We’ll keep you posted!

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is this thing still on? [30 Dec 2012|04:08pm]
hey guys, sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long.

going to keep this short because we actually have a few things coming up and i don't want to talk too much before just getting some other stuff out there. (could i be any more vague? no...)

all i want to say is that... it's been nice having alone time. it's been nice getting to know who i am outside of the band. basically, in the last year i've become a big time loner, for better or for worse. saw a crap ton of movies and went to some amazing shows. watched a lot of tv, from my couch, all alone. wrote a lot of lyrics that hopefully you will soon be singing. i hope that i've grown up a lot this year. though, growing up has nothing to do with knowing it all... and i certainly feel like there is much more to learn about living with myself.

i'm not exactly sure what next year is going to be like but i hope that you all know that most days the most genuine thing we see or experience will be you. the conversations we might have or the smiles we exchange at a show, tears, letters you've written... thank you in advance for whatever is going to happen. i can't stress this enough: we couldn't care less if it's a million hundred bajillion albums sold or if it's none and we play first on every bill for the rest of forever. you will still be the thing that is real about all of it. the joy and the drive behind it... besides the fact that we just love music... is you. in fact, it feels like the past 2 years of working to get here has all been a journey mixed with some growing pains just to get to you.

2013 here we come!

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One week. [07 Nov 2012|06:13pm]
My apologies for not posting this one here first... I didn't have time to do any replies though this morning, so I figured waiting til I had just a little time would be best. Either way, in case you hadn't read it yet, here's a post from our Tumblr earlier today:

One week that I hardly even remember since we finished the record. I use the term “finished” lightly because even while I’m typing all this I’m listening to an unfinished mix of one of the new songs. The guys and I still have approvals of all those to go through, album art, masters… is this boring to read yet?

Well, at least let me tell you this before we all from excitement over here. We have the extreme pleasure of working with yet another of our heroes on our 4th album… as if this process wasn’t already unbelievable… Ken Andrews of Failure/Year of the Rabbit/ON (some of our biggest inspirations/influences as a band) is mixing this album for us! Between Ken, JMJ, and Roger Manning, Jr. we are sort of in a musical daze. The amount of talent that is going into what we’re a part of right now is awe-inspiring for us as music fans. As a band, it’s humbling. If you’re not familiar with any of these guys’ past work, please do yourself the grand favor of using The Google to research and discover what each of them have created respectively. And if you’re interested in hearing an album that truly gave Paramore a beginning… then buy a copy of Failure’s ‘Fantastic Planet’.

And if you’re bored now then there is simply no hope for the future.

So what now? Basically, we’ll be “off” and “on” for the next little while putting together all the pieces that will (hopefully) be in your very hands before you know it. Just thinking about it makes me dizzy. In the greatest way possible. Like first kiss, first show, first time seeing the Cheesecake Factory menu… that kind of dizzy. It’s been, what, 3 years since we put out an album? Life at home, alone with my thoughts is cool and all but it feels like my brain is swelling up inside my head. I think I need to do something besides cooking healthy meals and fixing up Martha Stewart paper-craft decor for each holiday season. Blahhh domestication. (Let’s get this show on the road please!!)

- hayley
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good morning [18 Oct 2012|09:08am]
[ mood | awake ]

it's a cloudy, perfect morning in Los Angeles... though i bet by the time i'm done writing this the sun will be absolutely raging in the sky, as usual. anyways, while i have a minute before the rest of the city wakes up, i figured i could come back here and write down (type out - 2012) some thoughts.

should i just say it, right up front? yeah, i can't keep secrets and what would be the point? here goes: we're about 2 weeks away from finishing this thing. our 4th album!

to be honest, a year ago... we were only speculating, hoping, praying about what this was going to sound like. what it would FEEL like. remember the Alternative Press cover story we did? the one where we acted so confident about how this whole thing was going to go down? i don't know who we were trying to convince more, you guys or ourselves! i mean, we obviously had a big dream of what album 4 would be like and the brightness that the songs would sort of radiate. it just didn't always seem like we were going to get there. now, we are getting ready to wrap it all up and a tie a nice little bow around it. it's humbling to see the light at the end of the tunnel. to know that we accepted the challenge, took the journey and never looked back.

there are only a few more songs to finish and just like the rest of them, they are all very dear to us. fitting, the way that these songs laid out that the last one on our to-do list is the first of all the ideas i'd ever written down. i can still remember picking two strings of my guitar over and over again and singing the words into my iphone recorder thinking, "this probably won't make it to the album..." but i liked it just for myself 'cause the words made me feel better.

it took us a bit to finish it. let's see, i started it in early 2011 and we didn't get it done 'til... this past spring? (damn.) we just weren't really sure where to go with it because nothing seemed to give us the same feeling as what was already there. then one day, as the 3 of us and JMJ (our producer, for those just joining the party) were sitting in the studio lounge just messing with whatever random instruments were there that day, the song just fell from heaven into our heart brains and that's my cool story bro. that was that day we knew the song would most definitely make it to the album. i couldn't be more excited that you guys will get to hear it. it's an important piece of the puzzle and for me, a very important part of our entire story.

really though, what if in a few weeks we were like... "JUST KIDDING GUYS!!! we haven't been making an album, we've just been living in LA getting sunburned and eating tons of vegan desserts!" that would make you mad, right? ok, 'cause that's not what we've been doing. sort of. ok, we have been doing those things but we were mostly making an album.


ps, sorry for not proofreading this B. i just woke up and i'm sure there are a lot of run-on sentences, ramblings, and misuses of commas.

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to be happy now. [12 Sep 2012|09:38pm]
fair warning. i am allllll over the place tonight! so hopefully, you guys can follow along down these rabbit trails...

we're officially a little over half-way through the tracking of this album. it feels real-er than ever. i'm starting to understand all these songs more and where they've actually come from... for a minute, it was such a whirlwind of inspiration, emotion, and sweat. now that we've spent some time getting to know the album and growing with it, i can finally tell myself it's real. i can just almost tell myself that it's alright to relax. 

have you ever been that way? haven't you ever said "things are so great right now that i know something's bound to go wrong... any minute." just so you know, i might be the QUEEN of that phrase. maybe it's part of being a total realist? maybe it's just the fact that i've been through some rough situations and i know how awful it feels not to be prepared for the worst? it's been a while since i didn't have my fists in a ball... since i wasn't sort of on the defense, waiting for the attack. if there was an actual good reason for why i lived that way for so long i'd give it to you but now that i'm (hopefully!) passed that, it's a little unclear as to why that would ever be worth it. because now i wake up every morning and i know for certain that there are at least a few good people around me, if not physically then just by an iPhone somewhere, who could look me in the eye and tell me that they love me. i've got just enough blood in my veins and air in my lungs to know that i am definitely not dead. and that could be enough to say outloud, to myself... "You're OK!" 

another thing to consider is what if there is a part of us that doesn't fully want to be satisfied? what if there's something that asks us: if everything is "OK" then what do we have to strive for? to LIVE for, even? that's the constant duel in my spirit! i want life to go smoothly but when it's all working out... i'm sort of bored. ugh. it reminds me of a lyric by mewithoutYou that i've always connected with so deeply. "All I want is to want one thing." how beautifully that depicts our nature as humans to want everything, sometimes multiple things at once that couldn't be more opposite... and in the end get upset with the whole thing and want to get rid of desire altogether. (i digress!) 

what i've had to learn during this last year and a half, is that i might actually just be happy with where life is heading at this point. doesn't mean i'll always feel this way. nothing's perfect... at least for very long! anyway, it might just be OK to be happy now. right now in this very moment. i should just go with it, right? by the way, if i don't sound completely insane to you after 3 paragraphs which all are complete contradictions to each other then i appreciate your patience and flexible perspective. 

all this to say, i feel happy and i feel like my soul is actually being fulfilled. not only by the making of this album but also by the few close relationships i have in my life that have either stood the test of time or have bloomed from virtually nothing since entering whatever phase of my life i'm in at the moment. i'm not waiting for the sky to fall because i know that while the sky is staying up there in it's place, i have my opportunity to live. no more wasting time, hope, emotions, on worrying when, if, or how i could ever be let down again. i'm going to tell myself it's okay to be happy now.

i guess i want to finish this off by asking you what fulfills you. what is it that reaches your soul? it doesn't have to be some profound thing or even anything cool. if you can hold that one thing in your mind and know that you're exactly who you are supposed to be in that moment, then that could be all you need to get from point A to point B. maybe i want to finish THAT by saying, let's all listen to "One Thing" by One Direction and sing it to each other. you've got that one thing and guess what? it doesn't even need to be named. cause you just know and so does One Direction.

ok, i don't know how you made it to the end of this.... love you, mean it. 
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Oh Glory. [02 Jul 2012|11:11pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Oh glory.
When I was 17, I started writing lyrics to a song that would later be called “Let The Flames Begin”. It was on our sophomore album, RIOT! I never felt like it really sounded as meaningful on record as it seemed when we played it live. Over the years, we added on and added on to it. Not only is it one of our favorites to play at shows but one of the most highly requested live songs by… ahem… you guys. Maybe it’s just because the song is heavier than most our other songs or maybe it’s cause it feels really emotional to sing some of those words. Either way, it means a lot to all of us.

The lyrics touched on the way I saw us (people who were around my same age at the time) and how we fit in to society… and sort of lightly dusted the topic of the human condition. How broken we must seem from the outside, to whoever happens to be looking in. I have always had that deep sort of hurting feeling that happens when you hear a tragic story of someone young who is diagnosed with a terminal sickness, or when you see someone homeless and begging on the side of the road who you could give a couple dollars to but could never really help… but I get it all the time… just about the world at large. Because I feel, truly and deeply, that we are all searching for some kind of cure or some kind of quick fix, all the time. Always filling a void. I do this every day even when I’m not aware. The condition of being alive and breathing. “How can I please me?” It’s not with pessimistic eyes that I see all these things, I just believe it’s realistic. For some people, there is faith that more is at work than just the brokenness of all of us. For others, it’s enough just to know that we try to be the best human we can be and make whatever difference we can. Whatever your pleasure, belief, sorrow or triumph… we are all human and we are all constantly facing some sort of brokenness. Of the heart, of finances, of family, of dreams… it is real pain and it can’t be ignored.

Sometimes the only thing that gets me through a hard time is knowing that we are all (somewhat) in the fight together. Even as we might feel like we’re fighting alone, there billions of other humans doing exactly the same thing. In whatever their respective fights may be. I don’t know how it helps but really, it does. To know that no one has it figured out. It’s a bit of a drag but it’s just good comfort.

Seeing as even a good 6 years later I still feel all these things about life and being human, it probably should’ve been obvious that we’d write another song with a similar message for the new album. This time around I feel like it comes across a bit more hopeless… but actually that’s what excites me the most about it. To me, it’s getting to the bottom of what you thought was a bottomless pit… and that’s where you surrender yourself to whatever is next. That’s what billions of other people are doing right now. Hitting the bottom only to lift their gaze up and figure out how to get off of the ground again. Yeah, knowing that definitely helps.

It’s strange that a song about all this could go on what is about to be the most positive and most intoxicatingly fun Paramore album we have ever written… but somehow it works. And anyways, anyone who knows me knows I can only write so many happy lyrics til I have to start venting about something else again.

This is long and it’s late and I hope it makes sense to anyone if not all of you who actually read it.


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"it's time to *really* talk about the album..." [15 Jun 2012|11:47pm]
so, I figured since this is the first time that we're "really" talking about it, i would start here. because after all this is where everything started in the first place. well besides Jeremy's living room and our PureVolume profile. this is where we met some of you and built a relationship from afar with so many who, even all these years later, still support our band.

we're only about 2 weeks away from actually putting music to tape. no, we aren't recording this album analog but hopefully you'll understand the expression. we've already gone through all the songs that we have hoped would make it this far and they - about 19 - of them are ready to be recorded. this doesn't mean that we are going to have that many tracks on the album but it does mean that for the first time in the history of our band, we are going to record more than we actually need for an album and end up with more than a few extra tracks to play around with after the fact. it's really been a fun process for us.

by now, you know our producer Justin Meldal-Johnsen is fully involved with every part of this process. we spent a week jamming out a handful of songs a day with him and even wrote a few parts to songs with him that were missing or that just needed extra care. it was all vital to what we will do when we're back to actually hit record. honestly, it was a lot less of a real chore than i thought it might be. pre-production could go either way... at the end of the day you're ripping songs apart to put them back together again. it either works or it doesn't... and thankfully, with all of us more encouraged than ever, we were ready for the challenge of making each song as great as it could be. they'll only get better too. you've never listened to a paramore song as much as i'm about to listen to every rough mix we get back from these recording sessions. i am the original paramore fangirl.

over the next week or two, i'm going to be posting a little more often to our tumblr (paramore.tumblr.com) with little blogs about song subject matter or even just tiny updates about what's going on in the studio. plus, now we have instagram... ("paramorestudio") holy social networking, batman! oh, and don't forget taylor has his own instagram. he likes to compete with jerm and i for the most likes. usually he wins and i told him it's just because all the girls have crushes on him since he's the youngest and cutest. (J.Timberlake of paramore, am i right or am i right?)

anyways, i only have one more chorus worth of lyrics to write before i'm done. we started writing these songs about a year ago... i can't believe it's all about to happen!

remember to check the tumblr. talk to you soon,
hayley from paramore
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history [11 Oct 2011|01:06am]
hey all,

hope everyone is enjoying "Renegade" and into everything we released today. hard to believe we wrote those songs so long ago and are just now getting them out there. i was ready to post them the week they were all laid down at the studio. so much has happened, changed, been good and bad, over the last year or two... and this is a nice big exhale. the calm after the storm, which sometimes is pretty hard to come by.
now that we are seeing these songs off for you to take care of and keep as your own, we are now beginning a whole new journey. the writing process is always a weird time for me... i doubt myself, listen to past records a lot to reassure myself, i isolate myself to make sure i'm staying focused... like i said, it can be pretty strange. however, this time i'm gonna try and break that mold i made for myself. jeremy, taylor, and i owe it to ourselves to really take us to a new place and just enjoy the whole thing without any stresses or awkward tensions. you guys know as well as we do, that it's been a while since we've made a record that was just plain fun to make without any hangups.

so here goes. we've got some songs underway but it's still the beginning.

on another completely different note, i really hope that the community can be a positive place. i am a person who has strong opinions... i don't always voice them because i really don't think it's my place as an artist to be one of the loud mouths.... but what i'm trying to say is that, i understand people having opinions and wanting to voice them. there's nothing wrong with not agreeing with everyone. what bugs me is that this place, this community, is a place for fans/family of our band to stop by and leave feeling better, not worse. no.. of course i don't think the world is all roses and daises... but come on, you can get your fill of negativity just about anywhere else. so please, feel free to say you don't like a song or you just aren't into the way my voice sounds on this or that... but i am asking you to do it with purpose and not just because you don't have anything else better to say. it's really disheartening to see people here use our original online community as a sounding board for spiteful, bitterness.

anyway, i'm not your mom....

time to go write....

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didn't y'all hear? [29 Jun 2011|07:26pm]
 i'm pregnant again... SIKE

ughhh. second hand embarrassment for the whole twitter world and coming back here today to be with people who understand... *sniff sniff*

anyways, what's up everybody? good news! i'm feeling a heck of a lot better today than i have in a good while. still a little weary but i'll take that. been staying at my moms pretty much all week. i haven't done this since i was 18! needless to say, i've been a huge baby and totally taken advantage of the whole thing. and now, there's only a couple days before we're back out there with you guys. honestly, that's all the cure i need! gonna fix me right up. whew, can't wait!

well, this post isn't really to catch you up on much. of course, i missed the entire 4 days of practice so i can't say much about that other than i know the guys were stoked at how everything sounded. even though i wasn't there to top it off with my siqq voxxx. jokes... they don't need me anyhow... they always sound too good!

i just wanna know what you guys are up to, what you're into. new season of true blood? toddlers and tiaras? (vomit) what do you guys think about the new Taking Back Sunday record? just fill me in! What's the 411? Tell me everything! What's the hot gossip? What's the hot jams?

mean girls,mom,gif

- momma h
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real life [21 Jun 2011|09:38pm]
i took twitter off my phone the other day and it felt like killing a giant angry spider that was in my garage blocking me from getting into my car... which was amazing cause the real life spider that was actually in my garage was really extremely frightening.. and not killing it in real life was like a total failure. run on sentence, i know. my point is, it felt good to take it off my phone. liberation! besides not everything i do is even all that interesting. 

so with all the extra time, i've really just been hanging out with my family, watching the casey anthony trial, trying to find vegetarian and/or vegan food in franklin, sitting on my butt... OH! and we made a music video ( <<- i think that's tweet worthy )

we flew to LA on sunday and shot the whole thing yesterday. from the buttcrack of dawn until we nearly died. didn't mind it! we had a blast. of course, we left with battle scars. i can't do anything without getting my stupid knees bruised. at the end of every tour i have like 50 bruises on my legs! i don't understand. anyways, it was so so awesome working with shane again...  a very different experience from any of the other videos we've done with him. i won't go into all the reasons why in case it would give anything away. i'm just really excited to see it all finished.

my head is killlling me. i guess i need sleep? or maybe a popsicle. 

rehearsals start this weekend... that much closer to getting out there and seeing you guys. ughhhh can't make time move fast enough!
ok, goodnight!

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